Welcome to CPMC USA

CPMC USA manufactures Non-polluting incinerators utilizing their own patented technology - thermal oxidation.  

Designed to process: 

 Red Bag Medical Waste
 Toxic Industrial Waste
 Hazardous Waste Sludge
 Municipal Waste
 Waste To Energy Facilities
 Soil Remediation
 Water Stream and Pond Remediation
 Parts of the system can be retrofit to existing polluting smokestacks and reduce emissions drastically
 CPMC has also mobile units that can process up to 2.5 tons per hour.

CPMC USA's process system guarantees negligible emissions and complete destruction of the material.

Our systems are fully compliant with the latest EPA Regulations as well as European Emissions Directives E.U. 2000/76 - E.C. 91/689 - E.E.C. 89/369 - E.C. 94/67 - E.C. 75/442 , 86/278

For more information on our systems, browse through our site and feel free to contact us