Combustion Process Manufacturing Corporation USA

Providing innovative environmental equipment
using CPMC's patented technology.

U.S. Patent5,222,446

United States Patent Number 5,222,446, issued June 29, 1993 to A. Glen Edwards, Jefferey T. Edwards and Richard B. Dicks was exclusivelyn licensed to Combustion ProcessManufacturing Corporation (CPMC ) later that year.

The CPMC incineration process was originally designed specifically for waste disposal applications within the oil and gas industry. While incineration was quite obviously the best technology for disposal of most petroleum based toxic and hazardous wastes, the predominant theory, which is the basis of most combustion technology used by current industrial incinerators used by the oil and gas industry, was flawed with respect to the handling of both solids and gases. Current incineration technology was not effectively addressing the Federal EPA goals of complete elimination of combustible solids and reduction of related emissions of stack gas.  

To this end, they developed a unique approach to the incineration process utilizing a combination of the starved air and enhanced air principles. In addition, to handling the emission problems caused by fluorides, chlorides, furans, dioxins, heavy metals, and other particulate and gases more completely, a unique particulate extraction system was developed to make the process complete. The theory behind the CPMC process coalesced into the building of an initial prototype during the summer of 1990. This prototype incineration unit was tested by an EPA certified laboratory, and the results of these tests verified the hypothesis which led to an application for both a process and a mechanical patent. This patent. United States patent number 5,222,446, issued June 29, 1993 covered 32 claims for the process and equipment. Subsequent enhancements to the equipment have led to the preparation for submission of material for two additional patents, which will further enhance CPMCs market advantage. Two additional patents are currently being prepared and will be filed shortly to take advantage subsequent R & D advances made by the company. These will further insure the CPMC competitive advantage in the upcoming changes to EPA emissions standards.